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There is no doubt Grab-A-Gold is now a phenomenon adding some fun and excitement in the routines of Globe and Touch Mobile Subscribers. Aside from calling and texting, now they have earning and referring. It has now over 500,000 registrants (based on my very recent referral's link) in just barely two months since it's inception on April 2011. The website has now gained a global Alexa traffic rank of  91,289 and 106  in the Philippines. While others aren't a bit happy about how it works for them, still most registrants found it rather amusing and exciting. Based on my experiences so far with Grab-A-Gold, here are the COSTS and the GAINS you will experience while you remain active with your subscriptions:


1.  P15.00/P5.00 subscription fee for every 5 days for Globe and TM subscribers, respectively.
            This fee is automatically deducted from your load every 5 days. You will need this to continue having an access wit the game, the gold, the wheel and your chance of getting your desired gadgets. For some who are inactive players, they may find this rather annoying since they get surprised with diminished prepaid credit unexpectedly and thereby opting to quit from the game and the chances of winning as well. On the other hand, for a super active registrants who made use of all the features of Grab-A-Gold, this cost is nothing much for an investment. Read the Gains.

2.  Internet Connection
           Whether prepaid or postpaid internet connection or visiting an internet cafe, it costs to have one. This will not be a cost, of course,  if you have access to internet free of charge meaning internet connection which is not yours to pay.

3. Time
           Needless to say, you need to stay online and play to get more gold. Golds are used for unlocking gadgets and for spinning the wheel. For super addict players, they spent more time getting what they want, like the mini-cooper. Although, this may not be considered entirely as a cost since one may find enjoyment in playing but for those who have foregone important matters in lieu of spending time online, this could be a little issue. Solution? Try the referral feature of Grab-A-Gold.

          Like any other contests/promos, you will get your chances to win the prizes if you are subscribed to Grab-A-Gold. Almost 80,000 players have won loads/gcash and 4 major gadgets in just 7 weeks.

         I termed this as an unlimited source of load because you practically no longer buy prepaid credits for your mobile number. How? Use the referral feature. Have others to register Grab-A-Gold through your unique referral link and you will get P10.00 prepaid credit. I admire this feature and would rather recommend it instead of playing since every successful referral gives you 100 gold too.

Good news is that it is extented again up to May 31, 2011. 

There are a lot of subscribers out there not yet registered so make use of the time to get them. You can find Globe/TM users around you. You can share with them the P10 load so they would agree to give you their numbers. The AutoloadMax usually comes almost at the same time you received an alert from 8888 that there was a successful referral from your link. I give an A+ to Grab-AGold and Globe for that. I never missed a single referral without the load, they do always come.

Of all the entire idea of the game, I place the referral advantage on top of other features since you get golds and earn loads at the same time. Just invest a little bit of persistence and it  really pays. The Top Earner has earned almost 60,000 worth of loads/gcash and gained popularity when he won an Ipod Touch. Today, his facebook page have acquired over 20,000 fans and counting since Grab-A-Gold has now given special treats to all the Page's Fans for beating the 20,000 Likes. 

Congratulations for that. I supposed these events will now erase doubts about Grab-A-Gold because they are giving up real stuffs to their fans.


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